Due to Council regulations, there are some new campsite rules for Big Camp.

 General: Kempsey Shire Council has given notice, requiring our Campground to adhere to State Campground regulations. This request has the following ramifications:

1. We cannot permit unlicensed sites to be used. As a consequence, all previously allocated private sites are now no longer available.

2. Many licensed Conference Tent sites will be converted to private tent sites.

3. All private tents MUST be no larger than 3m x 6.6m. We cannot accommodate larger tents - we are sorry for this new limitation.*

4. Because there will be a gradual reduction of Conference Tents, we recommend members to consider bringing their own tent. Furniture can continue to be hired.

5. Converted Conference Tent sites will be enlarged to accommodate two private tents with their separate site number.

6. All tents and caravans must maintain a minimum separation distance of 2.5 metres.

7. This means no joining of tents, nor a covering of any kind over or between tents.

*Tent sites themselves for this year's Big Camp are 10m x 7m.


1. Caravan and annex must remain within designated site. 

2. A minimum gap of 1.25 metres is required between the edge of the caravan or annex and the site boundary.

3. A minimum gap of 2.5 metres is required between each accommodation unit.


Private Tent Sites: 

1. Private tents will be limited to 3 metres x 6.6 metres (excluding ropes)

2. Pitched tents must be located within designated area, allowing a minimum of 2.5 metres between neighbouring tents.

3. If pup tents are used, 2.5 metres separation is required between pup tents. If there is more than one pup tent, then all pup tents are to be located within designated site boundary and maintain a 2.5 metre separation.

4. All vehicles attached to private tent sites are to be parked in the new designated area.

Pup Tents: 

Pup tents are only permitted at caravan and Conference Tent sites subject to the following rules:

1. Each pup tent is to be separated by 2.5 metres and 2.5 metres away from any other tent or caravan.

2. Keep a minimum distance of 5 metres from amenity blocks and stay within the allocated site.