Creative Spaces Resource Centre

Creative Spaces Children’s Resource Centre is located at the NNSW Conference, 112 Lake Road, Wallsend, Newcastle. The centre has a wide variety of items available for hire to churches, Sabbath schools, schools, pre-schools and individuals. Bookings are required if you wish to visit the centre — see the details at the bottom of the page to make your booking.

Booking times available:

Mondays and Tuesdays: 10.00am – 4.00pm
Wednesdays: 10.00am - 2.00pm
Closed Thursdays and Fridays


This catalogue is ever-changing. Updates will be made on a regular basis with some items being deleted and other new items added. Our intention is to keep you up-to-date with what is available. You can download the catalogue HERE or by clicking on the cover image above (catalogue is approximately 20MB).

Conditions of Hire

The role of Creative Spaces Resource Centre is to provide resource materials that can be used by churches, schools and individuals. Our aim is to offer practical creative materials that will make your job easier in sharing God’s love.

  • Hire charges are for the agreed period of time.
  • Additional charges will automatically be issued if items are not returned by the end date of the hire period.
  • Please do not lend any items to another church/school or person/s as you are responsible for any damages and returns.
  • Damages other than fair wear and tear will be charged at the discretion of the Children’s Ministries Department.
  • Please note that a charge will be incurred if costumes are not returned dry-cleaned/washed and ironed.
  • If the items are returned by someone other than yourself and they are damaged during transportation the responsibility will remain with you as the person hiring.
  • Prices are subject to change. A surcharge plus GST is incurred to any other entity other than the SDA Church (non-profit organisation).

Creative Spaces Newsletter

Click on the links/images below to download the Creative Spaces Newsletter.

Creative Spaces Newsletter #1 2016

VBS files

Click on the flyer image below to download the VBS promotional flyer.

As you will see from the VBS promotions, the VBS kits are a valuable resource that will save you so much time and effort. The work has already been done for you! Below are the links to the five daily overviews for each VBS kit. 

VBS Athens Daily Overview
VBS Avalance Ranch Daily Overview
VBS Babylon Daily Overview
VBS Bethlehem Village Daily Overview Chart
VBS Bug Safari Daily Overview
VBS Bug Zone Daily Overview Chart
VBS Cave Quest Daily Overview
VBS Crocodile Dock Daily Overview
VBS Egypt Daily Overview
VBS Everywhere Funfair Daily Overview
VBS Fiesta Daily Overview
VBS Gaililee by the Sea Daily Overview
VBS God's Backyard — Under the Star Daily Overview
VBS God's Backyard — Under the Sun Daily Overview
VBS Hay Day Daily Overview
VBS High Seas Daily Overview
VBS Hometown Nazareth Daily Overview
VBS Investigation Station Daily Overview
VBS Jerusalem Daily Overview
VBS Journey to the Cross Daily Overview
VBS Jungle Safari Daily Overview
VBS Kingdom Rock Daily Overview
VBS Norway Expedition Daily Overview
VBS Outback Rock Daily Overview
VBS Panda Mania Daily Overview
VBS Powerlab Daily Overview
VBS Rocky Point Overview
VBS Rome Daily Overview
VBS Scuba Daily Overview
VBS Serengeti Trek Daily Overview
VBS Sky Daily Overview
VBS Weird Animals Daily Overview
VBS Wilderness Escape Daily Overview

Children's Resource Centre Coordinator:  Rhonda Ward
Phone:   (02) 4951 8088
Address:  112 Lake Road (PO Box 7)
Wallsend  NSW  2287

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