Family Ministries

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Gifts for our Children Posters

Church Discussion Paper: Gift 1 Summary

Church Discussion Paper: Gift 2 Summary

Please contact the North NSW Conference Children's Ministries department if you would like to receive a hardcopy of these two sets of posters.

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About Family Ministries

Families come in many shapes and sizes.  The strong family is built around people who depend on each other for emotional, physical and spiritual support.  God is relational and when He created mankind, He created us to be in close connection with other human beings.

Families are the places where children can best be conceived, loved, taught and helped. Family was meant by our Creator to be a safe haven where all can grow toward physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness.

Family is not an easy place to be at all times, and families can play a vital role in creating and maintaining our wellbeing and happiness.  All too often family is not ideal.  When families struggle to thrive or even survive we can help by accepting, encouraging, educating and nurturing them back to health.

  • Adventist Singles Network
  • Domestic Violence Taskforc
  • Marriage Enrichment
  • DivorceCare
  • DivorceCare for Kids
  • Family Ministries Resources
  • GriefCare 
  • Parenting
  • Alpha Marriage Course
  • Pre-marital counselling
  • Men's Ministries/Camps
  • Taking Care Child Protection Policy
  • Child Protection Policy Examples
  • More great Family Ministries ideas and resources

What can we do for you?

  • Run seminars in your church - see a list of the seminars available
  • Provide you with resources to run your own seminar (on loan)
  • Show you how and where to access your own resources
  • Enrich the marriages in your congregation
  • Train your church members to run family life pathway events for the community
  • Check the emotional, spiritual and outreach health of your congregation
  • Provide you with counselling resources in your area
  • Teach how to identify and change unhelpful cultures in the church family that inhibit growth

Articles and Resources Online

Emergency Care Telephone Numbers:

  • Safe Place Services  (sexual abuse): 02 9487 5833
  • Adventist Domestic Violence help line: 1800 007 136
  • Women's Information Services: 1800 817 227
  • Bridge Counselling Centre: 02 4955 5850
  • Hope Haven Refuge: 02 6681 6704


Director of Family Ministries: Pastor Daron Pratt
Phone: (02) 4951 8088
Address: 112 Lake Road (PO Box 7)
Wallsend NSW 2287

Secretary:  Robyn Borgas
Phone: (02) 4951 8088
Address: 112 Lake Road (PO Box 7)
Wallsend NSW 2287