Great Date With Your Mate

An initative of the North New South Wales Conference's Family Ministries Department

There is a lot of pressure on couples and their marriages today. Whilst understanding that there are sometimes some very good reasons why couples need to separate and divorce, it also needs to be stated that every child deserves a mum and a dad and the security that this provides.

Strong marriages reduce stress, anxiety, and provide health benefits economically and spiritually for the couple.

Strong Marriages and homes are the backbone of healthy churches. To help grow and support the marriages in our churches we are proposing that each church organise an event around the National Marriage Week (see, which is set for September 14-20 this year.

I am proposing that each church can do one or more of the following or else find another way to honour the married couples in your churches on this weekend:

  • Honour the oldest and the youngest marriages in your congregation in a special way.
  • Approach some local restaurants and ask for a special discount voucher for your couples and send out a special invitation to each of your couples (sample can be found below). There is also a sample question card that you could make up to send out with each of the couples to make this date intentional (sample can be found below).
  • Alternatively, organize a special meal in your church hall (Set up like a restaurant) and encourage your couples to attend and work through the question card.
  • Think of some other creative ways to honour the married couples in your congregation.

Whist the couples go out on their dates, I would also encourage the churches to provide child-minding for the couples and run a social night for the children.

It is time to take a stand and fight for our marriages and our homes and to be intentional about making our marriages the best they can possibly be.

Yours in His Service,

Pastor Daron Pratt
Director of Family and Children's Ministries
North New South Wales Conference


The following information/resources are available:

Great Date With Your Mate mailout for church leaders/Family Ministries Directors (PDF)

Great Date With Your Mate sample invitations (PDF)

Great Date With Your Mate sample question cards (PDF)

For other copies of these samples or for more information, please contact the Family Ministries department on (02) 4951 8088.