Trust Services: Wills and Bequests

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Trust Services is a caring and free service for church members for the preparation of their Will under the direction of Pastor Rodney Woods. The service is personal and confidential and is an important part of the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to minister spiritually and practically to the needs of our community and the churches mandate to proclaim the everlasting gospel.

The words to use

The following clauses are given as a guide to making a bequest. If you are not sure which suits your wishes, discuss the matter with your legal advisor.
  • To benefit the Church in the North NSW Region 
  • To benefit a local Church 
  • To benefit Seventh-day Adventist Schools 
  • To benefit a Retirement Home 

Will-making service for Church members

The Seventh-day Adventist Church offers a free service to church members in planning the disposition of assets and the preparation of a valid Will. This is done by or under the direction of a practicing solicitor. This personal and confidential service is available at the North NSW Conference office and through regional visitation by the Director of Trust Services. The Will-making service is a provision of the Planned Giving and Trust Services Department of the world Church.

Wills Register

The location of a will, regardless of where it is stored and how it was made, can be registered with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriage. The Registry does not need to see a copy of your will, and does not physically store the will itself. Wills are usually lodged (or stored) with a solicitor, the Public Trustee or with a will-storing company.


General Enquiries
Director: Pastor Rodney Woods
Phone:(02) 4951 8088

Fax: (02) 4950 1102


Secretary: Lyn Price
Phone:(02) 4951 8088

Wills at the ARV

To book a Wednesday afternoon appointment to make a Will at the Avondale Retirement Village, phone (02) 4977 0000

Trust Services Seventh-day Adventist Church

112 Lake Road (PO Box 7)
Wallsend NSW 2287