SHINE Worship In A Box

We want to put together special SHINE (Serve Him In Everything) "Worship In A Box" kits for families to use throughout the Pacific and Papua New Guinea. But we need your help! Want to find out how you can be part of the "Worship In A Box" project? Keep reading!

1. Find a shoebox and decorate it using some SHINE logos and pictures, as well as your own creative ideas. You can download a PDF of the SHINE logos and photos HERE. You can also download an information brochure about SHINE "Worship In A Box" HERE to share with your church, friends and family.

2. Fill the shoebox with special family worship items. Here are some things you might like to put in your SHINE "Worship In A Box":

  • Children's Bible
  • Children's Devotional book
  • Children's Christian music CDs or DVDs
  • Table Talk tin
  • Puppets
  • Coloured paper and scissors
  • Crayons, textas and/or pencils
  • Daily Bites Bible study set
  • Special letter or picture that you have drawn.

3. Send your finished SHINE "Worship In A Box" to the North New South Wales Conference Office (PO Box 7, Wallsend, NSW 2287) and we will then send it on to families throughout the Pacific and Papua New Guinea. For more information, ring Rhonda or Libby on (02) 4951 8088. You can download a SHINE promotional poster HERE (3.5MB).